Bangkok is a foodie’s dream come true, especially if you’re from a place where street food extends only to the lengths of hot dogs and ice cream.

To find great food in the city of Bangkok, you must go where the locals go- and to a Thai local, this destination presents itself as trusty, healthy street food.

The best part about eating street food in Bangkok is that these snack wagons are so abundant and popular that vendors actually compete, so the food has to be good.

Not only is Bangkok street food delicious, but it is also fast and affordable. Thanks to the longstanding Thai tradition of outdoor eating, you can find traditional Thai street food like tom yum kung soup, grilled roadside sausages, fried spicy chicken, som tum (papaya salad), pad thai and banana egg crepes for around 40 baht.

Top your meal off with some hot chili chutney or spicy fish sauce to really get your tongue Thai-ed. But beware; if you find yourself wandering further from the main streets, you will notice the food becoming progressively hotter.

Add outdoor communal seating with your late night snack and it will easily turn into a cultural event, evenly resonating with the sounds, tastes and smells of Bangkok.

To find the finest street food, you can either ask your local tuk-tuk driver for his or her favourite spot or you can learn about the complexities of Thai cuisine on your own in the following Bangkok neighbourhoods.


1. Chinatown

Surprisingly, the best street food in this neighbourhood is Thai and Thai-Chinese. The main road, Yawolat, offers a variety of seafood to sample – if it swims, you’ll find it here. Venturing out to the side streets of Chinatown, you will find everything from Islan-style chicken and fried noodles to Chinese-style roast suckling pig.


2. Lumphini Park District

This Bangkok neighbourhood is known more as a local food market, so the flavours tend to be fiery and fragrant. Located just outside of Ratchadamri Road, you will find street vendors selling Isan food and other Thai favourites, like som tam salad. The nearby park often hosts a variety of concerts and local festivals.


3. Thong Lo Road

Much smaller than the neighbourhoods of Chinatown and Lumphini Park, Thong Lo Road is known for offering the most comprehensive selection of Thai and Japanese food in all of Bangkok. Only open at night, Thong Lo Road dazzles with great food and nightlife.