Are you wondering the best things to do in Bangkok at night time? Are you ready to swing all night? Do you want to discover the wild and marvellous side of the City of Bangkok? Take off on a velvet night in Bangkok and watch the moon disappear in a series of sparkling sunbeams.

Bangkok’s nightlife beats with a live beat, a tumult of bars and pubs, trendy clubs, and scents on 1000 flavours.

One of the experiences to do, Bangkok’s nightlife offers a scene of things to do and explore. Tourists can take a sweet and exciting boat trip on an ancient teak boat under the Chao Phraya River. Here, they can see the exciting attractions that made Bangkok famous, such as the Grand Palace, the Temple of Dawn, the Temple of the Buddha emerald and many interesting historic places and glamorous orchards.

Bangkok invites its visitors to relax in its night and pink clubs that offer a delicious six-course Thai meal, a romantic candlelit dinner, or even a “Lady Boy” show with a breathtaking sparkle and mix that blends with of the night. As the night draws near to the wee hours of the morning, Bangkok offers a wonderful hotspot for vacationers. It brings entertainment to heights contrasting with the rooftop party spots as the DJs fall back, turning into a windy escalation.


Fun for Everyone

The brilliance of Bangkok’s nightlife is not limited to a specific section. For those who have a family, they can also do a lot. Enjoy a dinner cruise on the famous Chao Phraya River, where you can sit comfortably on a luxury ship to enjoy tall buildings, temples, and other historical monuments. Outside with your mother? Take her to the 24-hour flower market, a world of beautiful fragrances. There are good bars where you can enjoy a glass of wine with your colleagues or have a chat with friends.


Colourful Entertainment

With various markets, malls, and huge shopping malls, Bangkok offers a colourful procession of clothes, food, consumer goods and all kinds of temptations that keep shoppers on the streets and their feet! Visitors can feel the pulse of shops on Khao San Road, the Patpong night market in Soi and the stalls of Suriwongse and Silom Roads. With everything from staples to computers, Bangkok’s markets convey the atmosphere of all suspicious and desirable things.

If you are a shopaholic or like shopping, check out the hustle and bustle of the Suan Lum Night Bazaar and the Ratchada Lad Frau Night Intersection in Bangkok. This offers visitors an attractive array of things to buy, watch, or eat a variety of dishes at food stalls that are not considered. Klong Thom Market, originally known as the “Flash Market,” was famous for its variety of staples, products and jobs used from 5:00 p.m. to provide an exciting and affordable way to spend a pleasant evening.


Making Great Friendship with Locals During the Night-Joints Entertainments

The hospitality of Thailand is invincible and friendly faces welcome you from all angles. You will have no trouble chatting with the locals, who are always happy to help you. In fact, it’s common to find strangers chatting at the club or exploring the enthusiastic night market.


Relaxing in The VW Van Bars

If you want a unique experience, you should jump on VW Van Bars. These are the vehicles you will find throughout Bangkok overnight. They offer a variety of refreshing and inexpensive drinks compared to a regular pub. While exploring the beautiful streets, VW Van Bars is a nice place to relax.


Partying All Night

In recent years, many social system campaigns have restricted the hours of operation of bars and nightclubs. However, not everything is closed at 2 a.m. Informal bars, especially in Sukhumvit, are open all night. In fact, there are so many places – big, noisy, small, and a little famous – that you can enjoy all night long. If you can’t hunt them, just walk behind the premises.


Feasting in the Winter Beer Gardens

The “Winter” beer gardens only operate in Winter (November – January), but it is truly a treat to be missed. The quays along the souks are decorated with tables that elegantly line mugs of beer with plates of delicious sausages in an atmosphere of live music, directly from rock to jazz. In this great place, people can sip their favourite drink and soak up vibrant local feelings.


Rooftop Bars

Bangkok is full of outdoor rooftop bars like twinkling stars that light up its nightlife and make it a magical experience. It is an exceptional way to party late at night and enjoy the panoramic view created by the city lights below. Among the best notable hotels are Sky Bar by Lebeau and Vertigo by Vany Banyan Tree. Then there is Baiyoke Sky, who comes among the little ones. One thing to remember is that most of these cocktail bars have dressy bases, so keep an eye on what you are wearing.


Khao San Road

A must-see destination for an intoxicating shopping spree – Khao San Road offers a great opportunity to experience the vibrant atmosphere of Thailand. Khao San Road is located in Banglamphu district (Phra Nakhon district) and is easily accessible by speedboat, bus, and taxi.

The night market never irritates the hearts of buyers who transport cheap travel bags to Bangkok. The narrow sidewalks of the road contain several antique shops that allow buyers to get their hands-on designer clothes and jewellery, shoes, hunter pants, sunglasses, textiles, CDs, and Music DVD.



The Bangkok waterfront area is particularly popular with western tourists. It is also a favourite when it comes to romantic dates. It is a quiet place, and the view of the river automatically makes the atmosphere romantic. There are many hotels and restaurants around the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Discover the old-school charm of the Bamboo Bar at the Mandarin Oriental, the contemporary elegance of the 360 view of the Sky Bar, the elegant Millennium Hotel Bangkok, the Balco Bar, the Jesters and much more.



Bangkok’s nightlife has unique features, from the craziest and worst to luxurious and friendly. Availability of massage centres on every corner where the body and the mind can relax with karaoke rooms where you can record your CDs are also available. Detecting alertness is easy with Tuk-Tuks, and friendly people with their helpline can do it for free from the cost guides.

In other words, among the different characters that Bangkok has to offer, Beyond the Dark is what you really need to find. So, for all the nightlife, pick up a package from a selection of alluring Bangkok vacation packages.