There is truly nothing better than sitting back and enjoying a nice glass of wine taking in the breathtaking views of Thailand from your hotel balcony.

Then again, how amazing would it be to visit the location where some of our favourite wines are created. From grape to bottle, you can see the journey that a grape takes to become your evening tipple.

In Thailand, there are various different wines that you can enjoy. Whether your out having some food or you want to chill, there are various wines for you to enjoy.

In this blog, I will tell you about some of the best wines that you can get in Thailand so that you can decide what wine to try whilst on your travels.


1. GranMonte Vineyard

Located 160 km (100 miles) north of Bangkok in the Asoke Valley, Khao Yai lies the famous GranMonte vineyard.

This vineyard offers tranquil views of the mountainous area of the Asoke Valley. The location of the vineyard gives the grapes the ideal climate to grow due to the location being in a wet tropical region.

The grapes that they grow are Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc and also many other less known grapes types. An interesting fact about GranMonte is it translates to big mountain!

GranMonte Vineyard also has guided tours that come with a wine tasting sector. On top of this is also a 120 seat fine dining restaurant where you can pair the finest on offer with some quality food dishes.

The best wines that GranMonte sell are Heritage Syrah (red) and Spring Chenin Blanc (white). Both of these wines are so refreshing and I would recommend anyone to try them as one glass will lead to you wanting more.

These wines have also won various awards worldwide that include the AWC Vienna, Decanter World Wine Awards in the UK.


2. Monsoon Valley Vineyard

Monsoon Valley was created in 2001 by a wine-loving entrepreneur who had the vision to create a wine culture in Thailand.

Monsoon Valley operates 3 vineyards throughout Thailand. The largest of the 3 vineyards is the Hua Hin Hills Vineyard.

This vineyard is located in the Hua Hin district of Thailand which is a fashionable holiday destination for the residents of Bangkok. The location of Hua Hin is at the bottom of the mountains that separate Thailand and Myanmar.

The climate of Hua Hin means that the nights are cooler with a fresh breeze that enhances the wines that they make.

The best wines that they create are Brut Blanc de Blanc, Cuvée de Siam (red and white), Chenin Blanc (white) and the Muscat which all have won international competitions.


3. Silverlake Vineyard

Silverlake Vineyard was founded in 2002 and is located only a 30-minute drive away from downtown Pattaya or a 90-minute drive from Bangkok.

The location of this vineyard is situated next to the Buddha Mountain which is

Exploring the vineyard is popular here as the breathtaking views of the landscape can either be found on foot or by taking a tram ride tour.

The varieties of grape cultivated for wine-making include Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon for red labels and Chenin Blanc for white labels. The wines that Silverlake cultivate are exotic yet fruity.


ThinK Wine

Many people who are in Thailand are there to train in the paradise that is Phuket and there are many vegans in Thailand. However, Thailand doesn’t have any homegrown alternatives to wine but this is where ThinK come in.

ThinK Wine offers a low carb alternative to wine. This is done as they don’t add in the residual sugar into wine which is the leftover sugar after fermentation which also holds the calories for the bottle.

This means that ThinK Wine offers a healthier option for people who want to enjoy wine whilst being on a diet.

Moreover, ThinK Wine Group also offer vegan wines. This is because they ensure that no animal products are used in the wine fining process which is what makes normal wines unavailable for vegans.

ThinK Wine’s vegan wine is just as tasty but it also has the added benefit of being drinkable for anyone.

Simply go to their website and get started on your journey to enjoying low carb/vegan wine.


Final Thoughts

I hope that you now have a more rounded knowledge of how you can enjoy a glass of wine in Thailand and please leave reviews of what you think about wines in Thailand.

If you decide to collect some bottles, use this guide to storing your wine to keep the flavour optimised.