When you arrive in Thailand, it is almost certain that you will arrive in Bangkok. This is due to Bangkok being an international hub that thousands use to travel on a daily basis.

Bangkok is a renowned city around the world for many reasons. From its alluring skyline to the amazing night out in Bangkok, there is something available to everyone.

If you find yourself wanting to try something new in Thailand, read on to find out some of the best secret spots that Bangkok can offer you to make you fall in love with this vibrant city.


1. Maeklong Railway Market

If you have a free day in Bangkok, the Maeklong Railway Market is something that you should definitely visit!

Only 90 minutes outside of Bangkok, this market is exactly what it is called; a market on a railway line.

This market has been home to locals who want to sell their fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood for over a century.

The Thai government decided to build a railway to distribute things throughout Thailand but the market has stayed where it always has been.

The unique experience of visiting this market is minutes before a train passes, you hear a loud siren and this warns the locals to move their market stands of the railway tracks as a train is coming!

You then see the market vendors calmly collect their products from the train tracks before the train comes right through the middle of the market.

This is something that is highly recommended to visit as you get to see an authentic side of Thailand away from the beaches and clubs which will lead you to have a greater understanding of Thailand.


2. Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park is home to the largest green space in Bangkok which was founded in the 1920s. This special 142-acre park provides you with a space that many Thai people love to visit.

Lumpini Park is appealing to everyone. This is because there is something to do for everyone in this park. You often find Thai elders participating in Tai Chi, younger people completing exercise and families playing together.

This park also has a huge lake which is a centre for people to simply sit and relax by and watch people bond on the paddleboats that you can use.

Overall, this great space provides some privacy from the rush of Thai and with its chilled out vibe and opportunities to partake in quieter activities, it is something that should definitely be considered.


3. Golden Buddha

As discussed in previous blogs, Thailand is an extremely religious country with the national religion being Buddhism.

An interesting fact is that Bangkok is home to the biggest Buddha statue that is made of solid gold!

The temple that is home to this statue is called the Wat Traimit. The solid gold Buddha statue was designed during the 13th century and since 2010, it has been held at the Wat Traimit temple.

Visiting this holy grail is very important to the Thai people, this is why the utmost respect must be shown if you divide to visit this monument.

You are required to dress conservatively with your legs and arms covered and you must take off your shoes on entry to the temple.

This astonishing piece of history is an authentic part of Thailand as it shows you the amount of history that this great nation has and visiting the Golden Buddha can show you how important religion is to Thai people.

4. Amulet Market

Are you someone who believes in luck? If so, then visiting the Amulet Market is something that you should visit whilst in Bangkok.

This market is home to religious charms and ancient amulets that the Thai people use to bring good fortune.

The market is home to many merchants who each sell different amulets that each have a particular purpose such as bringing you health, luck and even fertility.

Also, this market is home to ancient remedies that people use to put themselves in better health.

This market is a must-go if you are someone who is fascinated by Thai culture as this provides you with some of the most ancient Thai practices in the modern day.



To conclude, it is obvious to note that Bangkok has unique things to offer you that may not be as popular as other activities.

So, if you find yourself having spare days in Thailand, make sure you take advantage of the many opportunities that Thailand can offer you.