One of the many reasons that tourists flock to Thailand each year is the wide choices of alcoholic drinks there is available to choose from/

Whether you attend a Full Moon Party, you party down the Khao San Road, or you want to chill out with a beer, there is something great to drink in Thailand for everyone.

The one thing that is often asked is what is the best beer to consume in Thailand so keep reading to find out which beer to pick when visiting Thailand.



Singha is one of the most popular beers in Thailand. Founded in 1933, this beer is the only Thai beer that is allowed to portray the Garuda symbol.

During this time, the Guarda symbol represented the highest honour for companies, meaning that Singha is regarded as a financially stable company that produces quality goods.

After receiving the symbol of pride, the Bhirombhakdi family present this iconic symbol on all office buildings, factories or even on every Singha product tags.

Singha Beer is light, refreshing with a sweet aftertaste. Singha Beer has a 5% alcohol content
which is strong in comparison to lagers in the west.

This beer is often recommended alongside a spicy curry as the flavours match each other well.

Singha has had worldwide exposure in recent years as Singha Beer has a partnership with English Premier League Club, Chelsea.

Singha is widely accessible in Thailand in most bars and convenience stores so trying this refreshing beer is highly recommended.



Chang Beer was founded in 1995 by the breweries of Thai Beverage and it translates as elephant in Thai. This is important as the elephant is an animal of cultural and historical significance in Thailand

Chang is known globally by its logo of 2 elephants looking at each other on a green bottle.

The taste of Chang is much different to that of Singha. This is due to Chang having a much more traditional lager taste that is comparable to the taste of Budweiser.

Chang Beer has an alcohol content of 5.2% and is the second most drank beer in Thailand behind Singha. Chang beer has also won the Australian Beer Award 3 times which shows the quality of the beer.

Chang is globally distributed to over 50 different countries and Chang was globally known as the main shirt sponsor for Everton F.C from 2003 to 2018 and they now have a community partnership together.

As a whole, Chang is recognised as the most drank beer amongst tourists and it is highly recommended that you try this beer in Thailand.



Alongside the 2 main brands of Thai beers, Leo is another that you must try whilst in Thailand.

Leo is brewed in the Boon Rawd Brewery which is the same brewery that brews Singha. The difference between Singha and Leo is that Leo isn’t as sweet as Singha and Leo isn’t a dry beer also.

Leo is popular amongst Thai people as it is slightly cheaper than Singha.

Leo is a good alternative choice of beer in Thailand due to its taste being so similar to Singha but at a cheaper price.



Archa is one of the newest beer brands in Thailand. Archa is also brewed by the same company that brews Chang.

Archa has a higher bubble content which adds sweetness to the beer and it is even sweeter than Singha. Archa Beer also has a high alcohol content of 5.4%.

Archa is also cheaper due to it not being widely recognised and it is unusual to see Archa on tap but they are available in convenience stores.



Overall, the most obvious choices of beer to choose from in Thailand are Singha and Chang due to their great taste and is widely known as a solid choice of drink.

However, if you want to try something different then Leo is recommended as it is brewed to the same quality as Singha and Archa is a good choice for experienced drinkers who want to further their knowledge of beers,