Like every other country in the world, Thailand has its own culture with its own traditions. The Thai people are very proud people and this is shown in Thailand as everyone obeys the rule of the Thai Monarchy.

Furthermore, in this blog, I will discuss some of the main aspects of the Thai culture so when you are visiting Thailand, you have learnt about the culture which can help you bond with the great Thai people.


1. Patriotism

Having a sense of national pride is key in Thai culture. The Thai people are extremely proud that Thailand was never colonised by a European country. The Thai national anthem is played twice a day throughout Thailand so it is common for you to hear it being played at 8 AM and 6 PM.

Whilst the national anthem is being played, tourists are not required to sing to it but it is respectful stand-up and stop all conversation whilst it is playing.

In cinemas, before a film is played, the Thai royal anthem is played alongside pictures of King Rama X. This portrays the huge factor that the King has on Thailand and how respected they are. You will not be arrested for failing to observe the anthems but it is polite and shows you have respect for the country your visiting by observing these small steps.


2. Family Is Important

In Thailand, the family is important to many Thai people. It is common for families to line near each other and for Thai people to work collectively in order to support the family.

An interesting fact about Thai people is that they often refer to outer family members as brothers and sisters. This shows the strict family values which Thai people show.

Moreover, Thai families often move to big cities for work. An example of this is shown in one of our previous blogs where Srisket Sor Rungvasai moved to Bangkok in order to become a boxer.

Thai families moving to big cities for work often means that younger people in the family are required to look after their grandparents either by doing chores or by working to provide a short term choice of income.



Society in Thailand is built on a high level of respect for each other. A sign of respect is by taking your shoes off when visiting someones home.

Failing to abide by this shows a big level of disrespect as Thai people want to keep their homes clean and wearing shoes around someone’s home can create dirt. Removing shoes is also mandatory when visiting temples.

Furthermore, it is also considered respectful to abide by the rules of Monks. Women are forbidden from touching Monks as they are forbidden from having any contact with the female.


4. Religion

Thailand is a Buddhist country and this is a huge part of the Thai culture. Big temples such as the Wat Arun do allow visitors to attend as long as the visitors are respectful and follow the rules of the temple.

In Thailand, Thai people are very religious and you often see Thai people carrying necklaces as it helps Thai people feel safe.

The Thai people believe in ghosts and spirits so you will see many shrines for these around Thailand.



As a whole, Thailand is a wonderful country with lots to do throughout the country. Whilst these activities are fun, it is important to be aware of the culture and respecting it can lead to you feeling closer and more at one with the Thai people.