Serving wine, unlike serving tea and milk, requires some skills. For you to serve the perfect glass of wine, the following ideas should always be at your fingertips:

  • The type of wine and kind of glass
  • The volume of wine in the glass
  • The temperature of the wine
  • Removing the cork
  • Decanting
  • Serving style
  • Although wine isn’t as popular over here in Bangkok, it is one of the western delights which I still can’t get enough of.

    Let us now look at each one of these factors one at a time and their effects.


    The Type Of Wine

    The most common wines are either white or red. Red wine requires aeration before drinking; for that reason, you need a glass that is quite large and has a wide bowl for that matter. The large glass allows you to smell the wine as you sip, which makes it awesome. Pinot Noir will do handy with a bell-shaped glass while Cabernet sauvignon will go well with a tall glass, but the bowl should be broad to allow aeration.

    White wine, on the other hand, requires a slightly smaller glass as compared to red wine that will not allow much oxygen into the wine. White wine glasses usually are u-shaped which helps to keep the wine fresh.

    A flute shape goes well with champagne and Italian sparkling wine because the shape minimizes the amount of oxygen that enters into the wine.


    The Volume Of Wine

    The volume you of your wine matters a lot. The rule of the thumb is, the glass neither be so full, nor should it be almost empty. You are supposed to fill the wine up to the top of the glass bowl, which is usually three-quarters of the glass. The right volume allows you to swirl the wine without spilling and helps to elevate the aromas and flavours of the wine.


    Temperature Of The Wine

    You may not afford a wine cellar to maintain your wine temperature, but a wine cooler comes in handy for that job. Stable temperature helps to store wine for a long time and also the ageing process of the wine. The more mature the wine is, the better the taste.

    Wine coolers also protect your wine from vibrations. Vibrations make the wine to mature prematurely. The wine refrigerator has another advantage because they come with stable doors which protect your wine from light. Light destroys the flavour of your wine.

    If you are looking to add more luxury to your kitchen, then consider installing a wine wall in your home.


    Removing The Cork

    Before you remove the cork from your wine bottle, it is good that you wipe the bottle with a clean cloth to avoid debris from falling into the wine glass.



    Low priced wines typically have a rotten egg smell which they derive from the fermentation process. Decanting these wines gets rid of that smell. Not only cheap wines require decanting but quality wines, especially red wines stored for more than five years may also need decanting. Decanting these wines helps to avoid sediments from pouring into the wine glass with the wine. Decanting also adds flavour and aroma to red wine as a result of aeration.


    Wine Serving Style

    The best way to serve wine is by moving in a clockwise direction and starting with the feminine gender. You should also ensure you serve wine from the right-hand side of your customer and serve the person who ordered the wine last. Now you have a clue on to serve a glass of wine perfectly.