Upgrade your current outdoor space by adding a lovely outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen is a brilliant addition to any home and if in the new year you are planning to give your house a fresh new look, then you should look no further than adding an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens add that luxury sophisticated feel to your back area. This new addition will have you and your guests alfresco living. A much better take on just a regular backyard BBQ.

Now you won’t have to make all your guests stay in one place while you are cooking up some food in your kitchen. With an outdoor kitchen, you can be living it up grilling some hamburgers or even making some outdoor pizzas while enjoying a drink of your choice.

Another massive positive on adding an outdoor kitchen to your home is that it can increase the value of your current property by a lot when the time comes if you decide to move it on.

You will start to find that outdoor kitchens are starting to appear more and more in people’s homes with more people catching on to the amazing trend.

But where do we start when it comes to creating an outdoor kitchen in Thailand? We will help you start your journey!


Electrical Outlets

Many people when it comes to creating an outdoor kitchen forget to install enough electrical outlets. Don’t be the person that needs to find one and find you haven’t installed enough electrical outlets!

Since there are a lot of appliances being used, you will need to make sure there are enough electrical outlets to avoid this from happening.


A Wine Cooler

A wine cooler is a brilliant luxury way of starting your outdoor kitchen. Not to mention the beautiful modern designs they hold in upgrading your back garden.

They are perfect when it comes to keeping that correct temperature of your wine bottles, not only will you be able to enjoy a chilled beverage on them summer days but when the wine is stored correctly at the right temperature it also helps it’s natural aging process and improves its tastes and aromas.

Dunavox is a Hungarian based company with a Thai presence that have a quality range of wine coolers and with their years of experience, they can easily help guide you through the purchasing process to find a wine cooler that suits your space.


An Outdoor Grill

A grill is an obvious choice when it comes to your outdoor kitchen and quite possibly the life and soul of any outdoor events with your family or friends. You are going to need this.

Your grill can be built right into a counter in your outdoor area or you can go down the route of a self-standing one, whichever is best for you and your outdoor area.

Don’t make your guests go without some freshly grilled steak or hamburgers!



You are going to need a place outside to store food that needs to be chilled to save you running back and forth to the fridge inside your home and will allow you to relax and chill with your friends and family.


Outdoor Oven

Another cozy and brilliant addition to your outdoor kitchen is an outdoor oven which gives a real luxury Italian feel to your home. While you have the grill for juicy steaks and all other types of meat.

You can’t serve freshly cooked delicious pizza and let’s be honest nobody really likes a cold pizza unless it’s the next morning after a few drinks!


A Cover

As it’s an outdoor kitchen there is the possibility that it is going to rain once in and while so we need to make sure we are protecting the appliances that are still currently running with live electricity.

If water is to enter some of the appliances you will start to notice rust on them or even worse there is a possibility that it could start a fire. So for our safety, it’s very important to get a cover for your outdoor kitchen.