When the magical paradise of Thailand enters your mind, you associate people travelling to Thailand who is either looking to explore and widen their knowledge of the world or they are coming for an infamous Thai party.

Thailand is a country that offers something for everyone and that something that Thailand gives you is special and it leads you to have some life-changing experiences.

A lot of people have the idea that Thailand isn’t a family-friendly place but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Phuket is a great destination whilst travelling with children. This is due to Phuket has things to do for children of all ages from young children to teenagers.

Therefore in this blog, I will tell you all about some of the best places to visit in Phuket whilst visiting this tropical heaven with children.


Phuket Trickeye Museum

One way you can enjoy your experience with children in Thailand is by visiting the Phuket Trickeye Museum. This museum costs 450 THB for an adult and 270 THB for a child which works out around £10.50 for an adult and £6.50 for a child.

The Trickeye Museum is a fun and interactive museum with around 100 different paintings and sculptures with all kinds of scenes for visitors to interact with.

The optical illusions often create unique photo opportunities as the illusions make it seem as you are walking along a tightrope or being chased by a lion.

Visiting Phuket Trickeye Museum is a great experience for all the family as it provides you with pictures that look genuine.


Aquaria Phuket

Another option for a family with younger children is going and visiting the Aquaria Phuket. This is a great option as you can see some interesting species that even includes some species that are only found in South East Asia.

Aquaria Phuket is home to over 25,000 animals and 300 species that all provide you with a great experience of Phuket.

The price of visiting here is expensive as it is 940 THB per adult and 490 THB per child but the amazing species that you see here are extraordinary and provide enjoyment for younger children.


Phi Phi Island Tours

If you are travelling with older children then a tour of the Phi Phi Islands would be highly recommended.

The Phi Phi Islands offer some of the most breathtaking views in the world. The tranquil blue sea which corresponds with the natural beauty of the islands gives you something so amazing.

The Phi Phi Island tours are a daily long activity as you tour around the many different islands. There are also options for you to go swimming in the waters which are highly enjoyable for children.

The method of transportation to these islands is by speedboat which also offers such an authentic experience of Thailand.

This activity is expensive at 1500 THB but the price is a small price to pay for the experience.

The reason why this is recommended for children is because of the views you will see and you also visit Monkey Island. Money island is a great beach that has monkeys that often are on the beach to greet visitors.


The Upside Down House

The Baan Teelanka (The Upside Down House) is something also that offers a great family experience.

As the name suggests, you walk around this house as you are on the ceiling. This also creates great photo opportunities as you have a strange yet funny experience in Phuket.

This activity is rather cheap at around £8.00 to enter which is great due to the value of the laughs that you and your family will have visiting here.



From this, there are great amounts of proof of how much Phuket has to offer families making it a good choice whilst visiting Thailand.