Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, almost all the world countries imposed lockdown in their countries because of the rise in Covid-19 cases globally.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has created guidelines to help minimize the risk of Covid-19 spreading.

These measures, which many countries have followed, include to wear masks whilst in public,to stay at home when possible and to socially distance from others.

Like most country, the Thai Government has also imposed a lockdown throughout the country, restricting the citizens to their homes.

This makes life challenging to people as they are unable to see family or friends. They also cannot do activities such as going to the cinema, which many people in Bangkok find enjoyable.

However, people have now began to use their time at home to find activities to do whilst following the restrictions.

Following are some ideas which the people of Bangkok have created to help them spend their new found time.



Because of boredom caused by the pandemic, gardening can be a beneficial way of spending your time as it helps you exercise whilst being productive.

The people of Bangkok started gardening to spend their time in a productive manner instead of staying in bed.

Gardening is known to provide happiness and pleasure. People have started to even grow plants in their kitchens to provide some colour to their kitchens.


Art and Crafts

The people of Bangkok have began to teach and encourage their children to spend time doing arts and crafts.

This is because it helps children to think “outside the box” which is beneficial as it helps them to get used to not being able to see their friends.



Cooking and being part of the kitchen has now become a family task. Pre-Lockdown, it was predominantly women that cooked for the family in Thailand.

Lockdown has helped to bring families closer together as everyone helps out meaning that families spend more time together.

Thai specialities such as papaya salad are now made as a family meaning that family connections are closer and stronger.



In the long period that Thailand have spent in a lockdown, the people of Bangkok have started to spend time on social media sites.

Many have started blogging their experiences of lockdown and many younger people have started using new social media sites such as Tiktok.

Social media is key throughout Thailand as it helps people connect with families and friends they cannot see in person.


Reading Books

Reading books have been a form of entertainment for people for many years.

Lockdown has helped create satisfaction as people can spend more time reading books by their favourite authors.


Final Thoughts

During these difficult times, it is key to understand that these times will not last forever and until people can get back to partying down the Khao San Road, how about you spend your time at home being productive and helping to create a positive attitude during the pandemic.